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Cellulose Sponge - Dual Yellow Surface

Cellulose Sponge - Dual Yellow Surface

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Made from a natural value plant-based resource, cellulose, these sponges are dual surface with 4 sponges. Providing you with versatile cleaning options. With their absorbent and durable design, these sponges effortlessly tackle tough stains, and grime, leaving your surfaces sparkling clean.

Perfect for wiping, washing, cleaning, and waxing. Recommended for non-stick surfaces. Perfect on pots, pans, counters, dishes, tiles, bars, walls, floors, windows, tubs, sink, grills, appliances, and stones.

Natural Ingredients

Essential oils are derived from plants, herbs and seeds, through the art of steam distillation and cold pressing. They are pure and powerful with incredible benefits and properties. They have the ability to support our home and wellbeing in a variety of ways naturally. 

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