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Hi There,

Oily Feelers!

A space where you can shop all Eco-Friendly products, chemical free for you and your family.

My name is Danielle Valler and I have been interested in some form of Aromatherapy, for as long as I can remember.

I have always dabbled in candles, oils , oil burners, diffusers etc.

I found myself becoming more interested & dived in to see if there were other options for Pain Relief, Stiffness you know all those symptoms of dare I say it (freaking old age). 

Much to my delight, Essential Oils are a No Brainer, when it comes to natural support and helping support a low toxic lifestyle option, as opposed to one filled with harmful chemicals. 

I find myself making small lifestyle changes, that are not only great for the Mind, Body and Soul but also Better for the Planet!

If you enjoy Natural - ECO Friendly products, then this is the Shop for You!

Catch ya!

PS: Speaking of old age, have you checked out our muscle rub it comes in a multitude of varieties & is fantastic for those muscles, you never knew you had!