About us


Welcome to Them Oily Feels

Here you will find products made by hand & free from chemicals.

In store we also have other options for natural support and benefits. 

My name is Danielle Valler and I have been interested in some form of Aromatherapy, for as long as I can remember.

I have always dabbled in candles, oils , oil burners, diffusers etc.

I found myself becoming more interested & dived in to see if there were other options for pain relief, stiffness you know all those symptoms of dare I say it (freaking old age). 

Much to my delight, essential oils is a natural form of aromatherapy with benefits of boosting your mood, improving sleep, relieving headaches & more.

When it comes to natural support and helping support a low toxic lifestyle option, as opposed to one filled with harmful chemicals. 

I find myself making small lifestyle changes, that are not only great for the mind, body and soul but also better for the planet.

If you enjoy or haven't tried eco-friendly products, then this is the shop for you.

Made locally in Katherine, Northern Territory. 

Thank you for supporting a local small business, means everything. 

Catch ya!