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πŸƒ Custom Handmade Soaps, Rollers, Lip Balms, PureFumes & Bath Salts.

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All Eco-Friendly & Free From Harmful Chemicals πŸƒ

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Your Natural Support and Benefits Journey

Operating in Katherine, Northern Territory.

I delicately make my products by hand & free from chemicals.

I make it, pack it and ship it to you.

Beyond thankful for the support and love.

In store, we also have other products for Natural Support & Benefits.

A range of eco-friendly products for your home, a gift for your special person and even a sustainable affordable gift for your children.

Support Local Business, that makes a difference in your mind, body & soul in a natural & healthy way.

Contact us, if you have a question on our contact page, we'd love to hear from you.

We are more than happy to help you through your natural product journey.

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