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Willow Makeup Wipes

Willow Makeup Wipes

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Take a risk with Eco- Friendly medium bamboo makeup wipes - perfect for makeup removal, face washing, and all your cleaning needs! Pack of two, these wipes boast the highest quality fabric, with a 100% cotton front and bamboo backing. Measuring in at 26 cm x 26 cm, these reusable, machine-washable wipes are just the thing to help you clean, shower, or even use as a baby cloth. Dare to adventure?
  • Eco-friendly, and handmade in Australia.

Natural Ingredients

Essential oils are derived from plants, herbs and seeds, through the art of steam distillation and cold pressing. They are pure and powerful with incredible benefits and properties. They have the ability to support our home and wellbeing in a variety of ways naturally. 

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